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Download ABBYY PDF Transformer
ABBYY PDF Transformer

ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 - versatile and easy to use program for working with PDF-files. Convert any PDF-documents into editable formats, create PDF files from their applications, Microsoft ® Office, merge several documents into one PDF-file.

PDF - a universal format for data exchange. Every tenth paper, published on the internet, it is saved as a PDF. And it is not surprising, because PDF-files are displayed identically on all computers, you can password-protect, it is convenient to be stored in electronic archives.

Key Features

Convert PDF-files

Convert PDF-files
ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 can convert to editable any PDF-files, including files without the text layer *.

Such files are usually obtained from scanned documents and represent the image of the text. Such text is not possible to allocate and copy into another application. Through the use of ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 unique recognition technology, the program correctly converts to editable form, even these PDF-files.
Articles, manuals, contracts, reports - are transferring from a PDF into an editable format with one click.

When converting from PDF program makes the text editable, but retains the appearance of the document, including tables. So you do not have to spend time restoring their original formatting.

* Text Layer - is the area of PDF-file containing the (fully or partially) located in the document text. There is not all PDF-files.

The exact layout retention document
ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 accurately retains formatting and layout. The program has a special toolbar to highlight areas of text, images and tables. These tools are useful for accurate reproduction in an editable format PDF-files with a complex design.

Converting multilingual PDF-files
The program converts the text in 184 languages based on Cyrillic, Latin, Greek and Armenian alphabets and languages on the basis of hieroglyphic writing.

ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 works correctly with documents containing any combination of supported languages.
Selective conversion pages

Select the PDF-document only those pages that you want to convert. For a quick search, use a special window for browsing the document.

Creating PDF-files

Creating applications directly from the Microsoft Offic e
If you create PDF-files from the application Microsoft ® Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint ®, Visio ®) program is fully preserve the layout and internal structure of the document: referrals contents, footnotes, implicit references to web-sites, etc.

Necessary buttons and menu commands appear in these programs after the installation of ABBYY PDF Transformer.

Creation from any application that supports the conclusion of documents for printing
You can create a PDF-file from any application other than Microsoft Office, using a virtual printer PDF-XChange 4.0 for ABBYY
Create PDF from Windows Explorer with one click and Mouse
You can create a PDF-file from Windows Explorer with one click.

Manage the size of generated PDF-documents
ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 allows you to specify a size for your PDF-file. We recommend the small size for sending via e-mail and Internet publications, the average - for viewing on screen and in print, the maximum - for printing with high quality.

Consolidation into a single PDF

Combine multiple files of different formats into one PDF
In the new version of the program you can easily combine several files of various formats (PDF, Microsoft ® Word documents or Excel, presentation, PowerPoint ®) into a single PDF-document.

Combining directly from Windows Explorer
You can combine the necessary documents in various formats into a single PDF directly in Windows Explorer Windows.

Other Features

Using passwords
ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 can convert PDF-files, password-protected (unless, of course, you know the password). When creating a PDF can also set a password - to open the file, at its printing, editing, adding and deleting pages, etc.

Saving options
ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 automatically locates the PDF document links, and reproduces them in the final files. Links can be internal, to the pages of the same document, and external, on websites. For example, if the original PDF-document is a table of contents with links, after conversion to Microsoft Word, it will be fully preserved.

A computer with an Intel ® Core ™ 2/Pentium ® / Celeron ® / Xeon ™, AMD K6/Turion ™ / Athlon ™ / Duron ™ / Sempron ™ or compatible processor, clock speed 1 GHz processor or higher.
Operating system Microsoft ® Windows 7 ®, Microsoft ® Windows Vista ®, Microsoft ® Windows Server ® 2003, Microsoft Windows Server ® 2008, Windows XP. To work with localized interfaces, the operating system must provide the necessary language support;
RAM: at least 512 MB;
Free disk space: 500 MB for typical installation and 512 MB for the program;
Video card and monitor with a resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels;
The keyboard, mouse or other pointing device.

To convert a PDF document formats in Microsoft Word, Excel ®, PowerPoint ® and Visio ® appropriate Microsoft ® Office applications to be installed on your computer.

False alarm! Viruses in the patch no! This is just a false alarm leash packer patch, because same packer "evil people", packed viruses! Here on this anti-virus and responds! In present комлекте patch separately patched files to replace after installation! The author said the patch, do not want to get free, buy a license and use the program. IMHO! But the choice is yours!

ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 is the ideal solution for anyone working with PDF files. This intuitive, versatile, multilingual tool enables you to easily convert any type of PDF into editable formats with the original layout and formatting retained. You can also create PDF directly from Microsoft ® Office applications with just one click, combine multiple files from different sources into one PDF and adjust PDF according to your needs - redact sensitive information, add stamps and bates stamps, turn your files to searchable and protected PDF documents, or turn them into PDF / A format.

Based on ABBYY's intelligent technologies, PDF Transformer ensures superior conversion accuracy and provides quality results in no time.

Release year: 2010
OS: Microsoft Windows 7, Vista ®, Server 2003/2008, XP
Language: Multilanguage
Serial: present / present
Size: 232 MB




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