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Pulsa Elektrik Termurah Jateng-Jakarta-Jogja-Jatim_Bandung

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OnOne PlugIn Suite 5.1.1
OnOne PlugIn Suite 5.1.1

OnOne PlugIn Suite 5.1.1 | 1.5 GB

Company onOne Software has released a package of their plug-ins Plug-In Suite 5.1 for Photoshop. All additions that are included in this package, support Photoshop and Photoshop SS4 SS5.

Genuine Fractals 6
The plugin is designed to increase the image size up to 1000% with virtually no loss of quality. Genuine Fractals 6 yields better results than standard methods of scaling, which are used in Photoshop.
Sixth version of Genuine Fractals supports Photoshop CS4. In addition, redesigned plugin interface that adds support for multiprocessor systems, adds support for Actions, there are new templates for a quick crop and resize images, new settings to control the detailed pattern, severity and the presence of "grain". Also, the plugin now podderzhvaet resizing images in the files of Photoshop, which contain several layers, including nerastrirovannye text layers, smart objects, alpha channels, etc.

PhotoTools 2.5
PhotoTools Professional Edition offers a range of high quality special effects, tools for correcting and editing images, as well as automation of the creative process, the combined user-friendly and functional interface.
High-quality filters can be used to provide color correction and polarization images. With the proposed tools Photographers will be able to carry out styling digital images under the old photos or footage kinoplenki.V preview window you can see the effect of each of the fifteen hundred effects PhotoTools before applying it. For each image you can apply multiple effects, also allowed the possibility of batch processing of photos. The most popular combination of effects can be stored in a separate file.

Mask Pro 4
Designed for cutting out objects from photographs and transfer to a different environment. Plug-in Mask Pro makes available to the designer a complete set of intuitive and convenient tool for masking objects and uses technology to enable as accurate as possible to preserve color and clean up the edges of the object. The new version has support for Tablet Wacom. The scope of the new version will include built-in Video Tutorial and a collection of tips. Mask Pro 4.1 will display in the toolbars digital equivalents of the values of setting bodies, if necessary, to automatically scroll the image, and the new palette allows the user to accurately determine highlighted.

PhotoFrame 4.5
This addition is intended to provide a framework and allows you to create almost any frame - volume, with luminosity, with the use of textures, drop shadows, etc.
The main innovation of the last release - support Photoshop CS4. In addition, there was an option of automatic rotation, which determines the horizontal or vertical orientation and rotates the scope so that they are as good as possible superimposed on the image.

PhotoTune 3
The structure of this module includes two separate components - ColorTune 2.0 and SkinTune 2.0.
ColorTune is a universal solution for the correction of digital images. The plugin works in a step by step wizard, at each stage of which the user is prompted to choose a more successful version of the corrected images of the two options.
SkinTune - This plugin allows to remove the portraits of the shortcomings associated with improper lighting. Its uniqueness is that it takes into account skin color. In the same light skin is different colors will be covered differently. If you take a picture of two people with different skin color in the same conditions, one picture may be better than others.
(To get started, SkinTune necessarily need to specify to which race belongs to the man in the portrait, and then choose on the face of an unsuccessful plot - are too shady or too bleached. Based on this information, the filter will select the optimum balance of light on the image and give the skin a natural shade.)

FocalPoint 2
Supplement is intended to create vignettes and adding to the image effect of focus. This effect is very popular, especially in wedding and portrait photography - in the plane of focus object, and edges. In FocalPoint there are many opportunities to create different effects such: you can simulate the effect of blurring the motion, obfuscate or clarify parts of the image, which does not come into focus, etc. The plugin supports saving created with the help of effects as templates for reuse in the future.

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