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Main » 2010 » Pebruari » 22 » Download Gratis Forex Apocalypse - Trading Robot incl. 7 Videos
5:25 AM
Download Gratis Forex Apocalypse - Trading Robot incl. 7 Videos
Forex Apocalypse - Trading Robot incl. 7 Videos

Forex Trading Strategies e-book + What to Trade, When to Trade and How to Trade Guide!

Forex Apocalypse by Michael Wright a Must Have or Simply Another Over Hyped Forex Robot Developed to Line the Pockets of its Creator”

If you’re thinking about buying
Forex Apocalypse this is the most important page you will read this year

From The Desk of: Simon W

Location: London, UK
Product: Forex Apocalypse ( Forex Apocalypse: From $3,000 to $170,000 in Shocking Time... )
Release Date: September 22, 2009
Product Type: Forex Trading Robot

With the past year having been so hard for many people, with the world’s current financial state crisis, many people have lost their jobs or had to take pay cuts.

So it is no real surprise that people have started looking at other ways to supplement their salaries with the popular and profitable choice of
Forex trading.

I am fortunate enough to be one of the lucky ones who has been able to make enough money through foreign currency trading that I could leave my 9-5 day job behind me.

I feel extremely happy now that I can choose my own hours to work and am in complete control of my own career and what money I make is mine, instead of answering to someone else and making others rich. My success did not happen over night though as I actually had no clue about
Forex when I first started and completely relied on Forex trading robots which fortunately were automated, to make decisions for me.

It is not easy finding a trading robot that is going to work for you in the way you want when you have no first clue about how to trade in the first place, so it took me a few attempts before I came across one that I actually liked and understood fully. Through my search though, I did waste a lot of time and money, which upset me and my wife, understandably, for that money could have gone towards utility bills and paying off credit cards.

However, I stuck with it and changes in my family’s lifestyle soon began to happen and now I can afford to take them to places on holiday I never thought I would be able to. I love my relatively stress-free lifestyle and when I’m not trading I spend my time reviewing new robots that are released to the market.

When I first heard about
Forex Apocalypse ( Forex Apocalypse: From $3,000 to $170,000 in Shocking Time... ) I was told that it was ‘unstoppable’ and could help generate huge amount of income. So naturally I was extremely keen to get my hands on a copy and find out for myself whether or not this could really perform as well as I was being told.

Forex Apocalypse: 100% Strike Rate In 14 Months…And Still Unstoppable...”

Claims like this from the product developer are sure to get a lot of attention. Everyone who has read it will have thought about how much money they could generate if this robot really could achieve a 100% winning strike rate. I’ve reviewed many trading robots in my time and have heard these kind of claims before; every robot claims to make huge wealth but sadly not all do.

The only true way to find out is to test it and see the results for yourself. To save you the hassle of buying first I have tested
Forex Apocalypse ( Forex Apocalypse: From $3,000 to $170,000 in Shocking Time... ) and I am happy to share my results with you, so if you are seriously considering buying a Forex robot, you owe it to yourself to read on.

Lets take a closer look...

Apocalypse – What Do You Get?

The Apocalypse trading robot (
Forex Apocalypse: From $3,000 to $170,000 in Shocking Time... ) is 100% plug and play (or drag and drop in this case), so you are able to get the software up and running within minutes of ordering, and also have the ability to run the robot in a test account without using your own money. This will help you make your own decision on whether it will work for you, without any risk.

The user manuals included are worth a read if you are new to
Forex, they will guide you through set up quickly and efficiently, although most people won’t even need help as it really is a piece of cake. I found the rest of the instruction manual pretty painful to read as I already know everything that was covered and to read it all was like being taught how to ride a bike again. However, if you are new to trading then you will find some helpful information included.

One really important aspect of
Forex trading is understanding money management. This is what most traders fail to understand, and most robots fail to implement effectively. All successful traders have strategies that work to protect their trades, minimizing the risk and therefore the overall loss. Any trader who claims that they do not have losses is not being truthful.

We all lose trades, but the best traders understand how to minimize their losses and protect their profit. The
ForexForex Apocalypse: From $3,000 to $170,000 in Shocking Time... ) developers have certainly spent a serious amount of time developing this side of the robot. I don’t know the strategies they work to but from what I have seen so far I am happy with the level of profit to loss.
Apocalypse (
Also included is a ‘Bonus Report’ that claims to lift the lid on secrets that only the professional traders know! Could this be true? The realisty is that I’m not allowed to say to much here as Michael Wright, the head developer is adamant that this is kept for only thos that purchase the robot. Is it groundbreaking information? Not fully but there are some bits that I am suprised he has sharded.

Live Results Trading With
Forex Apocalypse

When trading the
forex market you can never expect to win every trade, this just isn’t possible. Having used many robots and systems I have seen a lot of losing trades, it is often said in trading that losing trades does not matter so long as you win more than you lose.

You may have come across various claims that
Forex Apocalypse ( Forex Apocalypse: From $3,000 to $170,000 in Shocking Time... ) has not lost a trade in 14 months, I know I didn’t believe it when I first read it and infact I still don’t believe it is possible for any robot or pro trader to never lose a trade. However, having seen Forex Apocalypse ( Forex Apocalypse: From $3,000 to $170,000 in Shocking Time... ) I am amazed by its consistency as demonstarted in these results:

See Pic(Screenshot) here:

Can it keep that up forever? I haven’t had my copy for long enough to fully evaluate that, but what I can say is that the early signs are very encouraging. I have made a significant amount of money using it and have no fully protected my initial investment as I am now trading on profits and my initial investment has made its way back in to my bank account.

The long term effectiveness of the robot is dependant on the developers who will continue to study the
Forex market to look for any changes that may affect its performance. If it can continue performing as it is in todays market then we could have a product to rival the best selling FAP Turbo ( FAPTURBO First Real Money Forex Trading Robot | Automated Forex Trading on AutoPilot )

Why Do Most
Forex Robots Fail?

There is a general flaw that most of the robots available on the market today share. Robots are basically pieces of software that are designed to act in a certain way set out by the developers. But what no one knows when they design a robot is how the
Forex market can and will change. It is impossible to predict and as a result most robots fail to make profitable trades when market conditions change.

Forex Apocalypse ( Forex Apocalypse: From $3,000 to $170,000 in Shocking Time... ) creators understand this and carefully watch the market, updating the software as soon they notice significant changes that will impact on the robots performance. One thing that this tells us is that they want this robot to last and will be investing time and money into it on an on going basis, which should give its users confidence.

Complimentary upgrades to new versions of
Forex Apocalypse ( Forex Apocalypse: From $3,000 to $170,000 in Shocking Time... ) as and when they’re released will not be charged for and will happen automatically so you will not be required to install anything on your machine. Most robots are purchased and you never hear from the owner again – this is something that you should always look for when buying a new piece of Forex trading software.

Apocalypse Support and Guarantee

This is something else that should be offered by ALL
Forex trading robots. If you come across a robot that does not offer support then you should ignore it immediately. With Forex Apocalypse you will receive lifetime email support, which means you can get the answers to any questions you may have from someone who understands the system.

One word of caution here is that this normally means that the numbers sold will be limited, as the support team will need to be able to handle any queries they have in a timely manner and they realise the only way to do this efficiently is to restrict the number of people using the robot.

Another important factor when choosing a robot is the guarantee that goes with it. Anything less than 60 days is nto good enough.
Forex Apocalypse ( Forex Apocalypse: From $3,000 to $170,000 in Shocking Time... ) does come with a 60 day ‘no risk’ money back guarantee, which does give you enough time to properly test the robot in a test account, or live with your own money.

Robots that offer a 30 day money back guarantee always worry me and the ones I have used or reviewed have mostly proven to be a waste of time. The main reason for this is that you cannot fully test the robot in 30 days.

Apocalypse – Is It All Good?

Taking a look at the impressive results that have been produced so far using

Apocalypse ( Forex Apocalypse: From $3,000 to $170,000 in Shocking Time... ) you have to admit that it appears to be a Forex trading robot that executes trades very well and in doing so generates astounding results. Looking at things from this point of view is good but we also need to look at how much you have to invest in order to achieve such results. Although $3,000 may not be a big deal to some trading in the Forex market but not everyone who wants to trade in Forex has $3,000 just lying around.

However, to be fair, this is a more reasonable starting amount then many other automated systems require and making the starting investment of $3,000 will lead to an excellent return in a very small amount of time, so the initial investment should be worth it. So for those thinking about purchasing
Forex Apocalypse ( Forex Apocalypse: From $3,000 to $170,000 in Shocking Time... ), you should be confident that you will see a good return on your $3,000 in a short period and then see this profit grow even larger as time goes on.

Add to this the fact that your purchase is also covered with a 60-day money back guarantee, and that once you download it, you can start trading within minutes;
Forex Apocalypse ( Forex Apocalypse: From $3,000 to $170,000 in Shocking Time... ) appears to be a healthy investment and is well worth a look.


Forex Apocalypse - Trading Robot incl. 7 Videos" [137.5MB]




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