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Forum » Info Komputer » Artikel seputar Komputer » kumpulan serial number V-Z
kumpulan serial number V-Z
dibyoDate: Sabtu, 2009-10-10, 7:48 AM | Message # 1
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Messages: 154
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UB-Rechnung 2.07 Name: anything s/n: 78171www.ub-soft.de
ulead video studio 9.0 Name: giap S/N: 688A2-89000-86284035 (null)
UltraEdit French 11.20 Name: TEAM Z.W.T s/n: A4N0F-EPE1K-S9t5H-Q5′4Qwww.ultraedit.com
UltraEdit Italian 11.20 Name: TEAM Z.W.T s/n: A4N0F-EPE1K-S9t5H-Q5′4Qwww.ultraedit.com
UltraEdit Spanish 11.20 Name: TEAM Z.W.T s/n: A4N0F-EPE1K-S9)5H-Q5S4Qwww.ultraedit.com
UltraEdit 11.00 Name: BLZ-TEAM s/n: P3R60-U0Y3F-C806V-P309Jwww.ultraedit.com
UltraEdit 11.00a Name: BLZ-TEAM s/n: P3R60-U0Y3F-C806V-P309Jwww.ultraedit.com
UltraISO 7.65 SR-2 1269 Name: George Brown S/N: 3BCFD14A706E0B48 Thor_Mester_helóó_http://www.ezbsystems.com/download.htm
UltraSentry 1.0 Name: BLiZZARD TEAM s/n: U8S0M-M403F-Y4U0B-X4U50www.ultraedit.com
Understand for Ada 1.4.294 Name: Judas Priest s/n: 4B4FD571A2D9www.scitools.com
Understand for C Plus Plus 1.4.294 Name: Judas Priest s/n: 9D32060F71A7www.scitools.com
Understand for Fortran 1.4.294 Name: Judas Priest s/n: 09BF9D8EEA26www.scitools.com
Understand for Java 1.4.294 Name: Judas Priest s/n: CC654F5F38F7www.scitools.com
Understand for Jovial 1.4.294 Name: Judas Priest s/n: 4E8EDBB0AC18www.scitools.com
Understand for Pascal 1.4.294 Name: Judas Priest s/n: BAB7308D4725www.scitools.com
Universal Boxing Manager 1.26 Name: DIGERATI s/n: KLHJORKGNGwww.winterwolves.com
Universal Resource Scheduler 2.5R3 S/N: Date : Today (25September2005) Serial : 9476170030230 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://workschedules.com/
USB LOCK AP 1.9 S/N: 426074 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.advansysperu.com/
USB LOCK RP 2.0 S/N: 2498343 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.advansysperu.com/
UseBestMail eBay Edition s/n: dw64NDaDRzR97GvLwww.usebestmail.com
UseBestMail eBay Edition s/n: BRD5>Cwww.usebestmail.com
UseBestMail Personal Edition s/n: RHM42Rpx0Gwww.usebestmail.com
UseBestMail Personal Edition s/n: F>DRWJ74FEwww.usebestmail.com


VB.Net to C# Converter 1.47 S/N: TYWAW-RKB2W-AUPLH-DWX6R-N1QQFwww.vbconversions.com
VB.Net to C.Sharp Converter 1.46 Name: < NOT NEEDED AT ALL! > S/N: 96!!!-!!3!!-!!!!!-!!!!!-!!!!! By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.vbconversions.com/
VBConversions VB.Net to C# Coqnverter 1.47 S/N: TYWAW-RKB2W-AUPLH-DWX6R-N1QQFwww.vbconversions.com
VersionBackup Master Name: alkavour S/N: 989040165223 By Alkavour (23/01/2006)http://www.versionbackup.sb-aw.com/
Video Convert Master 3.4 Name: GeFcReW Company: GeFcReW s/n: VCM5947428www.video-convert-master.com
VideoList Plus 3.7.6 Name: AGAiN tEAM s/n: 12223www.wakefieldsoft.com
ViewCompanion Pro 3.38 Name: choose any username/company… S/N: VP3-FF-97958-A3D78156 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.softwarecompanions.com/
Virtual DJ Studio 3.4 Name: team-hs s/n: 7E05-98A6-59DE-8481-29www.ngwave.com
Virtual Drive 10.0 Professional Name: superhacker S/N: BSP10803003051563822 or BSP10100109299668434 If You crack or serial contact with me :thientailaptrinh@yahoo.comhttp://www.dhgnam.badongo.com
Virtualdrive 7 S/N: VDP713051122430 (null)
Virtualdrive 8.0 Name: name: free S/N: VDP80009008697823491 or VDP80005809527697705 or VDP80005606109878136 or VDP80004807442437496 or VDP80002901346204173 or VDP80008900197498261 or VDP80001302322367528 or (null)
Visual Basic 2005 Express S/N: QZCXGNKPGMDP3B (null)
Visual Business Cards 4.04 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: RKS-5549679www.rkssoftware.com
Visual Imagemapper 3.1 Name: Team PARANOiA s/n: 6CWMY4WXVBGER5E9www.sofasitters.net
Visual Webcreator 1.0.650 Name: Team PARANOiA s/n: 6D9WJXDK22Q6MNV5www.sofasitters.net
VividLyrics 2.4 Name: Alkavour S/N: 0035-0381-0059-4632 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.vividlyrics.com/
VMWare 5.5.0-18463 S/N: E3R68-P8QFD-N014A-4MXZP (null)
Voxengo CurveEQ VST 2.1 s/n: 0BEA-7092-258C-D185-A0F8www.voxengo.com
Voxengo Vintage Modulator VST 1.0 s/n: VXVMD1.0-529888-039033www.voxengo.com


WaveMaker MP3 to WAV Converter 2.3 Name: Bauer Lindemann s/n: 506CF00-84EC754-35BF24Fwww.sumanasa.com
Web Page Finder 2.2.3 Name: TeaM BRD s/n1: 989898 s/n2: je8c6DoJXdRqjSVc9aowUd75jwww.net-equities.com
Webexpert French 6.05.1 Name: nGen team s/n: HAFB-75MC-HVFB-CMQK software.visicommedia.com
Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise 2.0 s/n: ADNQHK-NOBW-MKZR-FPJS-ETUGLZRXCHEDBAwww.webroot.com
Willing Webcam 2.6 Name: TeaM aCMe s/n: 4920FD554309www.willingsoftware.com
Win Patrol v9.8.1.0: Name: Zer0 || REVENGE S/N: WO-2025529282 Tried this older version (WinPatrol Plus v7.0.0.3)and it worked (null)
Winace 2.6 Name: Lord Blix/TSZ S/N: ACEKW2W52CIUGTVG3YPVRNSEVE1 (null)
WinAgenda 2.0 R6 Name: TEAM CAT 2005 s/n: WA2-17225752783380 koyotstar.free.fr
Winamp Pro V. Name: sTaLkEr S/N: 7HJSM-YN9TQ-FSMC4-7ZH00http://www.winamp.com
Winamp >5.0 Name: The KiNG S/N: WVRE4-ADMQ0-2NK2N-43T50www.winamp.com
Winamp 5.08e Name: nGen team s/n: 7R25U-7LXNE-6ZH62-EMDXNwww.winamp.com
Winamp 5.x Name: The KiNG S/N: VJ106-NCFTY-B4HDN-7W99Wwww.winamp.com
Winamp 5.xx (Full) Name: Morgan_x2 S/N: W0Y8Q-79T1V-MM8YQ-UXBCSwww.winamp.com
WinASO Registry Optimizer 2.0.5 s/n: 7303900966814009www.winaso.com
WinBlit Speedread 2.7 Name: tam/CORE s/n: 83AA763FF5592D317DE999FE0www.winblit.com
Window Washer 4 S/N: 7353138 (null)
Windows Grep Name: alkavour S/N: 312802572 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.wingrep.com
windows mibile 2003 second edition S/N: 8552v65vf5f5v5ff5v5v (null)
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise German Enterprise Edition Name: p0lyt0x S/N: JCHM7-R96T7-346WJ-YKH2W-RWKVM es gibt keine funzende bei euch, deswegen hab ich ma diese submitted. (null)
Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 english 2003 R2 64bit S/N: JPG64-99R3T-KJ2KC-DH3HQ-HFBF3 (null)
Windows Server 2003 x32 deutsch 2003 x32 S/N: JB938-DTR2M-3HHMD-V4DXQ-RQ3HM CTYVR-8RB3J-W3MFW-HJF4P-8J3HM (null)
Windows Vista BETA1 x64 Beta1 english 64bit S/N: TCP8W-T8PQJ-WWRRH-QH76C-99FBW (null)
windows xp 2005 professional 2005 S/N: yvgkq-b7qyx-wwpbr-m7t2r-pb8bm (null)
windows xp 2005 professional 2005 S/N: yvgkq-b7qyx-wwpbr-m7t2r-pb8bm (null)
WINDOWS XP key 1.0 Name: WINDOWS XP key S/N: DMY26-78CX9-Q89DP-Q8QK8-VF2B8 (null)
Windows XP Professional 64-bit Corporate Edition 5.2.3790.1830 S/N: VCFQD-V9FX9-46WVH-K3CD4-4J3JMwww.microsoft.com
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition 2003 S/N: B2RBK-7KPT9-4JP6X-QQFWM-PJD6G (100 % Funktionsfähig) (null)
Windows XP Sp1 2002 S/N: fckgw-rhqq2-yxrkt-8tg6w-2b7q8 (null)
Windows XP x64 64bit deutsch S/N: VCFQD-V9FX9-46WVH-K3CD4-4J3JM (null)
Windows XP home edition S/N: QJ8QV-M94PB-2PB3R-T3XBP-8P9VM (null)
Windows XP PRO Corporate S/N: Key: MQPWW-PGVKX-YPMKG-8DH3G-KC8PW (null)
Windows XP Pro S/N: PM732-VDYT8-27YHH-QMMB7-CXPYM (null)
Windows 98 S/N: WJXC4-BK4Y4-G4QJ8-F82FH-KHYTB, D8B33-37942-FJHGR-WBKJ9-DFQT6www.microsoft.com
Windows XP 64 S/N: B2RBK-7KPT9-4JP6X-QQFWM-PJD6Gwww.microsoft.com
Windows XP S/N: K6C2K-KY62K-DQR84-RD4QV-QB74Qwww.microsoft.com
windows2000 pro sp 4 S/N: X05-22783 CS (null)
Windvd 7.0 B27.130 Name: saqib S/N: E-mail: safa_uk@yahoo.com PASS: safa12 Serial No: X299APWM-M84EN5U2-X8DPQD93-QAHUBCD9 CB No. 8237 Work 100% just copy and paste Keep visiting this infomative site Thnx for great work keepit up (null)
WinEbook Compiler 2.3 s/n: theAnchorHOLDSwww.superwin.com
Winguard Pro 2006 6.0.11 Name: any name you want S/N: 94856-04309-02836-50505-49586 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.winguardpro.com
Winguard Pro 2006 6.0.8 Name: Anyname S/N: 94856-23934-93845-40404-94857 By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.winguardpro.com
Win-HaBu 8.4.1w s/n: 9rmb32umgq mcrichter.macbay.de
WinHex 12.75 SR3 Name:www.bg-warez.org S/N: Addr1: “AGAiN HQ” Addr2: “AGAiN HQ” Key1: 3475772E029C88D18A6706B8754BCF71 Key2: B1F2D403FAA09547029CA50B41444CF4 Chksm: 91 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.winhex.com/winhex.zip
WinHoros 2.1 R2 Name: Bernd Ganzer s/n: 243-3169293-46995438-FJTU-OEFCwww.winhoros.de
WINner Tweak SE2 2.9.0 Name: Team Cafe s/n: 6RC3924N8D2R3KY8www.winnertweak.com
Winoptimizer Suite 3.00 S/N: AWPSC2-7731FC-179DA3 (null)
WinPatrol E-Mail: UnderPl@Team.com s/n: 4P61367134www.winpatrol.com
WinPlosion 2.18 S/N: 2FCB-C9BD44-F4DF (null)
WinRAR 3.40 S/N: RAR registration data Virtual Single PC usage license UID=407d33baa31d99bd998e 6412212250998e5fb5052ea455d7b3f00668893800e9f5594a 56b2 d7639dbd21fcdf47d0646035c6ab9048e2c5c62f0238f183d2 8519 aa87488bf38f5b634cf28190bdf438ac593b1857cdb55a7fcb 0eb0 c3e4 Put all of the registration data in a file called “C:\program files\winrar\rarreg.key”http://www.winrar.de
WinRAR 3.51 S/N: RAR registration data Eric Blanc Single PC usage license UID=cf406101f338727ed323 6412212250d3231bbd75e709e1c7b2bdbf7ec57818de5bad38 e0ba c8c58271749eb746f0386035c6ab9048e2c5c62f0238f183d2 8519 aa87488bf38f5b634cf28190bdf438ac593b1857cdb55a7fcb 0eb0 c copy entire serial to notepad, save, rename file rarreg.key NOTE by .key i mean change the file from a text extension (.txt) to .key, then copy this file and put it in the same folder where winrar is installed.http://www.winrar.de
WinRAR V. 3.51 Ger Name: In die rarreg.key eintragen und in den winrar ordner : S/N: RAR registration data Hector Carayiannis Single PC usage license UID=d128fe3d752f88cc2ac8 64122122502ac8c262f03d73a08223520907b0a712cfc0f724 4917 42f46a58bc9c82e50b516035c6ab9048e2c5c62f0238f183d2 8519 aa87488bf38f5b634cf28190bdf438ac593b1857cdb55a7fch ttp://www.winrar.de
WinReporter 3.05 S/N: 9ZMCY2p8MbR4nKJVvzje6xqZ By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.isdecisions.com/
WinSuperKit 6.0.559 Name: Team Cafe s/n: 8e7371de88842c7b9cdb56f1ac3d2615www.mjksoft.com
Winter 3D Screensaver 1.0 S/N: Name: (Your name) S/N: SLASNJ3QUWwww.digimindsoft.com
WinTools.net Professional 5.1.1 s/n: 3120582002-146YGJUYRHGKUIYwww.wintools.net
WinXMedia DVD MPEG AVI Converter 3.1.36a S/N: CRW-O04X7-XAL2B-JIKL8-RPZ24-PB7CI-CUWK1 By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.winxmedia.net/
Winzip Pro 10.0 Bulid 6685 10.0 Bulid 6685 S/N: Registration Name : PANKAJ_12141619 (null)
WinZip 10.0 Name: Randy_vanDijk@hotmail.com S/N: DNRCV-A3QWJ-EQQEQ-QU51T-TN6JWwww.winzip.com
WinZip 9.0.6224.SR1 Name: BLZ-TEAM s/n: C80D07D1www.winzip.com
WinZip 9SR Name: RAKESH KUMAR KAMLESH S/N: 21A03477www.winzip.com
Wiseworx Xtrim Catalog 2004 0.9 s/n: FE13AC5680BF1F962426B6913245C489www.wiseworx.com
Wiseworx.NET XButton 1.5.0 s/n: 42A03AD5BDED43FD82E37D7C62AF0340www.wiseworx.com
Wiseworx.NET XListbox 1.1.0 s/n: 72B9F33CA6040B5AC6FC355B0FE3120Fwww.wiseworx.com
Womble MPEG Video Wizard 06.2005 S/N: MVW-MPEG2-W3WX0TZ1NJGPWG By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.womble.com/
WordWeb Pro 4.1 s/n: 401873921678110 wordweb.info


Xara Xs 1 S/N: XXS-6395-4256-2935 (null)
Xilisoft 3GP Video Converter S/N: BRD-BH4JILSOLY6KI6M-3173-D766-CCC3-387F By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.xilisoft.com/
Xilisoft Audio Converter s/n: T7YY3SU63ZNGFZ4YA6SAADE6-AD29-3393-7C8Bwww.xilisoft.com
Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper s/n: 1F9F-D1ED-6226-04FA-5C63-0F5D-9D71-E0BEwww.xilisoft.com
Xilisoft DVD Ripper SE s/n: 4631-6C9D-B8FF-86F1-A503-92E2-A60D-C29Bwww.xilisoft.com
Xilisoft Video Converter Name: tam/CORE s/n: 429300258809671278564686-E838-5253-48E2www.xilisoft.com
XnView 1.80 Final Name: TEAM WDYL-WTN S/N: 3712110247 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.xnview.com/
Xoft Spy 4.19 S/N: User: iranianpep.com Code: 00725521486-210456327http://www.paretologic.com/
XoftSpy 4.10 Name: TEAM ACME s/n: 0000000006-5232404303www.paretologic.com
XP Recovery CD Maker 1.01.06 s/n: REP575TMC xp-recovery-cd.com
XPepius Name: sotona S/N: 7D4296F63BBC or name:alkavour sn:0DC2B6C6CBBA By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.geocities.com/xpepius/
xsoftspy v 4.21 S/N: name=pogs serial=0000000006 5224444345 (null)
X-Ways Davory 2.0.3 “Name: “”BRD”" Addr1: “”BRD”" Addr2: “”BRD”" Key1: F8543B45524E5E684FA0E152F8413054 Key2: 5C75A14B7E6E5F90E7D8C9156DD4B3F9 Chksm: BB”www.x-ways.net


Yaldex Colored ScrollBars 1.1 s/n: 2h8v4c5uMi16 yaldex.com
Yanicsoft WinXP Manager 4.89 Name: king_KINK s/n: KPKUZ-XSOFX-CVXIL-UDIZK winxpmanager.nease.net
Yanicsoft WinXP Manager 4.89.1 Name: king_KINK s/n: KPKUZ-XSOFX-CVXIL-UDIZK winxpmanager.nease.net
Yummy Puzzle 1.04 Name: Team EXPLOSiON s/n: Q1R8-V0T6-H1S7www.ninjalab.com


Zamtee Audio Recorder 1.0 Name: TEAM CAT 2005 s/n: 1962469973www.zamtee.dnsalias.com
Zip Express Name: Team EXPLOSiON s/n: 1C78-D02B-3554-6FCBwww.getzips.com
Zmei Mail Sender 1.12 Name: NiTROUS s/n: 59522-10380708-3611780www.zmei-soft.com

#Spyware X-terminator
Version: N/A
Name: Richard Emerson

#spy sweeper
Version: 3.2.0 (Build 146)
Active Shields block Syware BEFORE it reaches you’re PC. Powerful detection and removal methods completely eradicate existing spyware.

#BPS SpyWare/Adware Remover
Version: 8.2.0
Name: SoftReef Lab E-mail: softreef@thelab.com s/n: 9ERRXEYP5I5IIW8

#Scan Spyware
S/N: 5426-7451-2543


Version: 2005
URL: spykiller.com
Name: spykiller 2005 with best popup killer
S/N: Name: Aurison Junges
Email: (just type any)
s/n: 8867744131608245
the best spyware program, with popup killer (works good too)

#Spyware Doctor
S/N: License Name: THAN GIANG NAM S/N: 248C-0198-B029-A687-825E-DFF0-A69F-9D1C-7DE7-421E
Name: Trizvi
S/N: Licensed to: THAN GIANG NAM
License code: 248C-0198-B029-A687-825E-DFF0-A69F-9D1C-7DE7-421E

#Adware Spyware Removal
Version: 4.01
s/n: LMSi7p-0QspLa-Mjhn7U-9ie6c7

#Steganos Antispyware 2006
Version: 8.4.3 ( Build 395)
Name: from Tumult

#ZoneAlarm with Anti-Spyware

Version: 6.1.514.000
S/N: 739c1-ipb99-r6eni-fb3vm7-m3qnc0
SN: 89bm5-ts77e-q0ti9-brvvht-eugtk0
SN: cnu6i-6bj2h-vfca8-cvevp9-hng300
By Alkavour (30/10/05)

#Adware Agent
Version: 4.81
s/n: 10408312

Version: 3.0
Name: Bono/FFF s/n: AUGM8-8ZGBR-KRE89

#Adware Spy
Version: 2.0
s/n: LMSi7p-0QspLa-Mjhn7U-9ie6c7

#Adware Away
Name: TEAM VRL E-Mail: team@vrl.com s/n: RT7H56-BAMQ8

#PC AdWare SpyWare Removal
Version: 2.10

S/N: 5BA20D39DA5CDAA1642C


username:TEAM DVT



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